Services & Packages

Here is some of our popular presentations: 

Do True Science 

This explores the crisis in modern science. 

Hydro-Planet – No Magma

This explores the formation of rocks and planets. It gives the true source of lava exposing the myth of magma.  

Universe System – No Relativity 

This focuses on physics, chemistry and measurements which are the foundation to everything in the universe. 

Human System – No Evolution 

This explores current research in evolution and presents the Human and Clovis model.


Here is some of our Services: 


Special presentation which could explores the crisis in modern science or could address specific issues. 


This could be an assembly for the whole school or a classroom presentation. 


General presentation on scientific principals and the use of the scientific method to release creativity and innovation in business. Also specific topics of interest to scientific industries.    

Home Schools 

Experiment resource and assistance in teaching scientific topics so students can see and understand the results. 

Independent consulting in various aspects of science. 


Science presentations